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LVS' first product line was low voltage switching controls and we are proud to still offer many of our most popular products. Our CR (Closet Relay/Time Saver) and TR (Transformer Relay) products allow contractors to use low voltage wiring to save time, material, and money on many every day applications.

Ever used a door jamb switch? Once you try our closet relay, you'll never go back.

We offer products for all types of N/O and N/C magnetic and mechanical switches, as well as 20A rated commercial grade maintained and momentary low voltage switching relays. We offer technical and application with some of the most experienced engineers in the business.



Automatic N/O and N/C compatible light control for closets and cabinets. Replaces line voltage door jamb switch.


Transformer Relay that allows use of low voltage wiring to save time, material, and money.