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#6) RRU , RRU-1 , RRU-2
UL924 Shunt Relays

 The versatile RRU Product series includes:

  •  RRU with Form C Contact (N/O & N/C) 10 A rated - typically used for interfacing between control systems such as lighting control panels, fire alarms, and wireless control relays.

  • RRU-1 with N/C Contact 20 A rated - typically used in "shunt relay" applications for bypassing a wall switch on emergency circuit, or for turning on normally-off emergency lights.

  • RRU-2 with N/O Contact 20 A rated - typically used for load shedding applications to reduce the lighting load on a circuit during emergency operation for power limited emergency systems such as inverters.  Also used for breaking low voltage dimming circuits.

  • RRU-Plenum Mount with N/O + N/C 20A with LED indicator / Hub for KO mount


  The RRU series can be mounted inside a standard junction box, flourescent ballast channel, or behind a wall switch.