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#4) EPC-PM
20A Emergency Power Control (Plenum Mount)

In the past all emergency lights had to be on 24 hours a day to meet safety codes. However, now you can specify and install a UL 924 listed emergency power control device that can convert and control up to 20 regular light fixtures to approved emergency lights, which can then be turned on and off in the same manner as your regular lights.


The Model EPC-PM can be mounted above the suspended ceiling in a 4-11/16 junction box witha  blank cover, typically located in the room or area where the emergency fixtures are.

The EPC-PM features include:


  • Manual test switch
  • Power indiactor LEDs for utility power (green) and emergency power (red)
  • UL94-V5A rated plastic
  • UL924 listed
  • Compatible with all switching controls including occupancy sensors, relay panels, and more.