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#7) RTS Series
Load Shedding, Plug Load, and 0-10V Dimming Controls

The RTS series of unique load shedding controls automatically reduce energy consumption
of connected lighting loads by 25-50% (RTS-0-10V) or 100% (RTS-24,RTS-120,RTS-277)
during peak hours or other specified conditions. A patent pending feature disconnects or
dims lighting to deliver energy savings when they are required most.

The RTS can be mounted in any junction box or light fixture by snapping into a 1/2” Knockout
(K.O.) and is economically justified for any project. Popular uses include:

Demand Response: RTS can accept demand response signals and automatically disconnect
any light fixture, or dim 0-10V light fixtures by 25 or 50%.

Plug Load/Receptacle Control: RTS can connect to low voltage occupancy sensors to
automatically switch receptacles on/off based on occupancy.

Emergency Lighting: RTS can detect the loss of utility power and dim 0-10V light fixtures
connected to an emergency inverter system by 25-50%.