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The EPC-A-2 is UL924 Listed Emergency Power Control intended for use with switching controls. The EPC-A-2 boasts a universal mount design with ears; allowing the device to be nipple, fixture, panel or box mounted. This enables the EPC-A-2 to adapt to the application requirements.

  • The EPC-A-2 is a 20A rated universal mount device (flush/plenum/junction box)
  • Unique, Patented Automatic Diagnostic: When the room switch is turned off, the EPC-A-2 will run a 2.5 self-test routine, verifying that the emergency power source was available and that the EPC-A-2, ballast, and lamp(s) are all functioning correctly. This feature eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly manual monthly testing and is approved for this purpose. This also allows the unit to be installed in remote or inaccessible locations, because the unit does not rely on access to its manual test switch.